Set The Table

Our ethos

The food ethos at Set the Table has developed through my training as a chef, many years of working in the industry and the way I now live. Simplicity in my food is vital and the understanding of matching the right ingredients is fundamental to my finished product tasting great. I am a true believer in using local and seasonal produce however I don’t let this get in the way of exploring the exotic and unusual ingredients that are widely available and much part of the multi cultural society we live in today. As a result I believe I can offer food-lovers in York a superior catering service which will suprise and delight.

I support British producers and farmers as this is important to help them look after our heritage and culture. I use fair trade products that are beneficial to the producer and the environment and I use ingredients which are dictated by the seasons.

I enjoy what I am making and create quality food which has been made with pleasure. I am always keen to keep learning and do this by absorbing others views and opinions, expanding my knowledge and staying inspired about food!

“Set the Table will ensure your guests will be taking about your ‘do’ for weeks to come”. Kingswood Events